17-year-old Tayla will be representing New Zealand in Women’s Hockey at the 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games. She is a student at King’s College in Auckland and began playing at 11. Tayla states that so far her sporting highlights have been winning the 2013 U18 National title and being selected for the NZ U18 Hockey Team. 

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Tayla's Games History

  • Olympic Summer Youth Games Nanjing 2014

    • Hockey (5-a-Side - Women)
      Placement Match 5-4
      Placement Match 4-3
      Quarterfinal 3 1-7
      Preliminaries - Group B 3-6
      Preliminaries - Group A 3-8
      Preliminaries - Group B 4-1
      Preliminaries - Group B 10-5
      Placed 5 of 10