With Christmas fast approaching we caught up with some of our amazing athletes to see what they have planned for Christmas day!


Nico and Miguel Porteous 

We’ll be at home with family in Wanaka. Normally we’re competing in the Northern Hemisphere so this will be our first time being at home in 10 years so that will be unreal! Festivities will include eating way too much food as well as hopefully soaking up some rays.


Tyla Nathan-Wong

My partner and I are heading north to spend Christmas with his family in Northland. My family will also be joining us up there. Pretty epic spot, surrounded by nature, river in the backyard for swimming and no doubt a bit of fishing at some point. Bring it on! 


Ella Williams

I’ll be surfing with my family in Whangamata and spending all day at the beach as well as eating some delicious treats! Can’t wait, merry Xmas everyone!


Andrea Anacan

We’re gonna be active this Christmas and go hiking in the Waitakeres! After that we’ll do a shared lunch with some family and friends. We like to bring our dogs (Eli and Chia) everywhere with us so they'll be coming on the hike and the lunch. Sensei and I will take a break and spend time with our families so no training. It's the only time in the year when we will intentionally rest from Karate as we see each other almost everyday for the full year.


Molly and Sam Meech

We’ll be having relaxed family time at our parents (including some friendly games of volleyball ball). Then Boxing Day we normally head out sailing on our parents boat... this year Sam gets out of quarantine on the 24th so it’ll be really nice to see him again!


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