Erika Fairweather will be one to watch at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games where she is aiming for the podium in both the 200m and 400m freestyle events.

The 18-year-old burst onto the world stage when she swam a New Zealand record time in the 400m freestyle event at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games to make the Olympic final. 

“The experience in Tokyo was just absolutely insane, the whole atmosphere, the racing was just unreal,” said Fairweather.

Fairweather is looking to build on that experience in Birmingham.

“I just love being able to see what I can do next. I mean pushing myself in training and then seeing that reflected in competition is really exciting."

“Wearing the fern is just, it’s the best feeling ever. You know, you get to represent yourself, you get to represent your people, you get to represent your country. It’s such an honour and I feel like so many people don’t have the opportunity to do that and influence people the way I do, so that’s quite exciting,” said Fairweather.


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