It is the journey of New Zealand’s athletes as they prepare to wear the Olympic Rings
and Silver Fern representing New Zealand at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. 

It is also the story of a nation that gathers to support and inspire these athletes to
achieve greatness.

Every athletes story is different, but has commonalities, and the same end goal.
Rio 2016.


Be the Inspiration Video Image

The journey begins in the starlit darkness high above New Zealand. This
symbolises the iconic black singlet, emblazoned with the silver fern, which has
been worn for generations by New Zealand’s Olympians and sporting heroes. 

In this night sky sits Te Mahutonga, the constellation of the Southern Cross.

As the journey commences, the darkness begins to form a long ribbon which
weaves its way throughout the motu (land), gathering inspiration and support
for our athletes from the people of New Zealand.

It travels across the green of NZ’s majestic maunga (mountains), native forests
and rolling hills and over the pounamu (greenstone) that lies beneath and links
the heaven and the earth., This is the tango (gift) for each member of the team.

Floating above the land lies the white of the clouds, that Aotearoa, the land of
the long white cloud is named after. 

Each ribbon on the journey represents the path of athletes, training in places
throughout NZ preparing their minds and bodies for the challenging journey
ahead. The ribbons take on the life-force of the athletes and we see their speed,
strength, endurance and accuracy as they prepare for competition. 

We arrive in Rio: the bright colours of the city, houses and the vibrancy of Rio’s
landscape. Rio lives and breathes under the open arms of Christ the Redeemer.

Looking up, we see the Southern Cross is still with us. 

The scene is now set. Our athletes are ready to make their mark on the world,
and be the inspiration for all New Zealanders.