Sarah is an 18-year-old that will be competing in Sport Climbing at the Buenos Aires 2018 Olympic Youth Games.

Career Highlight: Winning the Combined Event at the Oceania Continental Championships in New Caledonia last year, to qualify for the YOG.

How did you get into your sport? I had recently retired from gymnastics at the age of 11, and was looking for a new, fun and exciting sport. My brother was into climbing at the time, and it seemed like the right sport to try.

What do you love about the sport? The friendly, positive, and constructive nature of climbing. I have never come across a more supportive sporting community, and I truly feel I am part of this big climbing family. And it is (in my opinion) the most challenging sport, both physically and mentally. It is such an amazing feeling when you finally succeed after repeatedly failing on a climb.

What inspires you? The kids that I train with. In my training group I am one of the oldest, and it is incredibly inspiring to see these younger guys get up at 5am to get to training on time and then put in a massive effort until they run out of energy, and to see them just joking and laughing the whole way through. Their dedication and passion for the sport really shows in their determination to improve.

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Sarah's Games History

  • Olympic Summer Youth Games Buenos Aires 2018

    • Sport Climbing (Combined - Women)
      Lead - Qualificaiton 9+
      Bouldering - Qualification 0T 1z
      Speed - Qualification 12:72
      Placed 21 of 21