Age at Games: 16

High School: Kristin School 

Ethnicity: NZ European

Career highlight: Racing at the Swiss U16 National Points Series Races earlier this year, skiing with some very tough competition.  Most races I made the podium starting from the back of the field. Hearing over loudspeaker “FROM NEW ZEALAND HARRISON MESSENGER” was the coolest feeling!

How did you get into your sport: I started skiing at Snowplanet through a Kristin School ski programme at age four.  From there I showed potential and moved to a high performance training programme and have been ski racing since age six.

What do you love about the sport: Ski racing is so competitive, especially when competing overseas. When you're racing, the clock never lies, there is no judgement, it's purely who is the fastest. When you're in the start gate it feels like the loneliest place in the world, everything needs to be perfect when it's down to a tenth or even a hundredth of a second. You realise that you're doing this for you and your country then and at the moment when the countdown reaches zero your adrenalin is pumping!

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Harrison's Games History