Hockey player Arun Panchia is a Commonwealth Games silver and bronze medallist.

Gold Coast 2018 was the third Commonwealth Games for Panchia after Delhi 2010 and Glasgow 2014. He won bronze in India, placed 4th in Scotland and claimed silver in Australia. He was part of the squad which finished 7th at Rio 2016.

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Arun's Games History

  • Commonwealth Games Gold Coast 2018

    • Hockey (Hockey - Men)
      Gold Medal Match 0-2
      Semi Final 3-2
      Pool Match 1-2
      Pool Match 5-2
      Pool Match 6-0
      Pool A 6-2
  • Olympic Summer Games Rio 2016

    • Hockey (Hockey - Men)
      Men's Quarterfinal Match 2-3
      Men's Pool Match 5 3-1
      Men's Pool Match 4 9-0
      Men's Pool Match 3 2-3
      Men's Pool Match 2 2-2
      Men's Pool Match 1 1-2
      Placed 7 of 12
  • Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014

    • Hockey (Hockey - Men)
      Bronze Medal Match 3-3
      Preliminary MB Match M19 6-1
      Preliminary MB Match M14 2-1
      Preliminary MB Match M06 8-0
      Preliminary MB Match M04 3-1
      Semi-finals 2-3
      Placed 4 of 10
  • Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010

    • Hockey (Hockey - Men)
      3rd and 4th 5-3
      4th Pool MA vs 4th Pool MB (7th & 8th)
      1st Pool MB vs 2nd Pool MA
      3rd Pool MA vs 3rd Pool MB (5th & 6th)
      1st Pool MA vs 2nd Pool MB 2-6
      5th Pool MA vs 5th Pool MB (9th & 10th)
      Pakistan v India
      Australia v Malaysia
      New Zealand v Canada 1-1
      England v South Africa
      Scotland v India
      Trinidad & Tobago v Canada
      Pakistan v Australia
      New Zealand v England 3-5
      South Africa v Trinidad & Tobago
      India v Australia
      Canada v England
      Pakistan v Malaysia
      New Zealand v South Africa 4-2
      England v Trinidad & Tobago
      Australia v Scotland
      India v Malaysia
      Canada v South Africa
      Pakistan v Scotland
      New Zealand v Trinidad & Tobago 7-1