Athletes standing on the podium in Glasgow will be seen in traditional black with the silver fern featuring as part of New Zealands Commonwealth Games emblem.

The uniform was revealed today as part of the womens hockey team announcement.

Captain Kayla Sharland said she was delighted to receive the uniform and it made the confirmation of the women to represent New Zealand on the hockey turf in Glasgow even more special.

Elements of the Glasgow mark are also incorporated throughout the uniform. Created at the request of athletes, the Glasgow mark was created to reflect New Zealand history, culture and character. It was designed to unify and inspire the team. On the medal ceremony jacket, the tui is represented, symbolising our proud nation, strength of character and fighting spirit. A stylised representation of the Southern Cross can be seen on a number of items as can the letters NZ. In addition, references to the St Andrews cross are included, representing our strong links to Scotland and acknowledging the host country of the Games.

Sam Charlton loved loved the new uniform for Glasgow, saying "there are some new items I havent seen before, like the puffer jacket and they are great fabrics, too we love the pieces.


She added that she felt the distinct New Zealand elements like the Tui were strong and would make the athletes proud.

A highlight for the players was the silver printing of the Southern Cross and words New Zealand on the tracksuit jacket.

The puffer jacket was included as the team can expect some less-than summery weather from Glasgow with indications of an average high temperature of 19 degrees celcius and an expected  twelve days of rain. A well-made rain jacket is also included. 

The uniforms include ceremony wear, t-shirts, hoodies, shorts, bags and running shoes and have been designed by New Zealand Olympic Committee commercial partner Peak Sport.

Peak Sport is known for outfitting top US NBA players and has been a New Zealand Commonwealth and Olympic Games partner since 2010.

The formal uniform is made from merino wool and includes a traditional black blazer with the silver fern on the left breast pocket as part of New Zealands official Commonwealth Games emblem.

ABOUT MAKING US PROUD - THE MARK The Making Us Proud mark has been designed by prominent New Zealand artist Shane Hansen. Its unique elements reflect aspects of New Zealand culture, history and personality.

The mark was asked for by athletes following the success of the London 2012 mark a rights-free device that could be used and shared freely by all athletes and their supporters.

They wanted to show New Zealand and the world where they were from and where they were going, and asked for a mark that would inspire them on this journey. The mark will appear on elements of the Glasgow team uniform, within the village design and has been used by athletes and sports in the build-up to Glasgow.

We are a proud nation, inspired by the silver fern; emblem of our sporting legacy. Unique and strong we are defined by our fighting spirit. We look to the Southern Cross, sign of our place in the Pacific. We unite as the people of Aotearoa and make our mark on the world. Together we strive for success. We are the New Zealand Team.


Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games
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