Rio 2016 was the first Olympic Games for Marcus Daniell.

Marcus was born in Masterton, however he now resides in London.

He has 3 career ATP titles. His current ATP doubles ranking is 59, with a career high ATP doubles ranking of 53 (13 June 2016)
Marcus started hitting a ball around when he was about two years of age. The family had an old asphalt tennis court out at their farm and his Mum and Dad used to play.

Marcus commenced the occasional tennis lesson when he was five at the Masterton tennis club. He played some junior tournaments in the Central and Wellington regions and ended up winning the 12s nationals.

However, he was playing just as much soccer as tennis in those days, and at the age of 14 he had to choose one sport to play all year round rather than play tennis in the summer and soccer in the winter. Marcus chose tennis, and has pursued a tennis career since then.

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Marcus's Games History