Kane made his debut in 2012 and Rio will be his first trip to the big show. A born and bred southern man, he is known for his toughness on the turf both during games and in training.

Kane is an extremely mobile defender who uses speed to his advantage and he is also one of the country's most powerful and accurate exponents of the drag flick.

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Kane's Games History

  • Commonwealth Games Gold Coast 2018

    • Hockey (Hockey - Men)
      Gold Medal Match 0-2
      Semi Final 3-2
      Pool Match 1-2
      Pool Match 5-2
      Pool Match 6-0
      Pool A 6-2
  • Olympic Summer Games Rio 2016

    • Hockey (Hockey - Men)
      Men's Quarterfinal Match 2-3
      Men's Pool Match 5 3-1
      Men's Pool Match 4 9-0
      Men's Pool Match 3 2-3
      Men's Pool Match 2 2-2
      Men's Pool Match 1 1-2
      Placed 7 of 12