Jody comes from one of New Zealand basketball’s most famous families, the daughter of Junior coach Mata Cameron and sister of men’s captain Pero Cameron. She has many of her brother’s basketball attributes and is considered one of the country’s most talented female players, but her career has been hampered by injury. Jody debuted in 1996 and has played 60 games.

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Jody's Games History

  • Commonwealth Games Melbourne 2006

    • Basketball (Basketball - Women)
      Gold Medal Game Winner SF1 vs Winner SF2 39-77
      Semi - Final Game 2nd Pool C vs 1st Pool D 74-67
      Preliminary Rounds - NGR vs NZL 83-53
      Preliminary Rounds - NZL vs MAS 113-56
      Preliminary Rounds - NZL vs MLT 127-47
  • Olympic Summer Games Athens 2004

    • Basketball (Basketball - Women)
      Classification 7-8 83-87
      Quarterfinals 55-94
      Preliminaries 79-77
      Preliminaries 57-74
      Preliminaries 57-91
      Preliminaries 81-73
      Preliminaries 47-99
      Placed 8 of 12