Main Objectives of Olympic Solidarity

The New Zealand Olympic Committee’s vision is to inspire pride and excellence in New Zealanders.  Part of its mission is to maximise benefits for New Zealand and New Zealand sports and athletes. Olympic Solidarity is one of the tools available to the New Zealand Olympic Committee to enable us to undertake this mission. The New Zealand Olympic Committee allocates in excess of USD400,000 annually through this important international programme.

Olympic Solidarity is a division of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) that assists National Olympic Committees, such as the New Zealand Olympic Committee, and their Continental Associations to:

  • Increase global assistance to athletes including consideration for the protecting clean athletes and in their post sport career.
  • Reinforce NOCs’ structure and management capacities
  • Continue to support coach education and promote the Olympic values.
  • Funding for the Olympic Solidarity Programmes is derived from the National Olympic Committee’s share of the television rights for the broadcast of the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. This is Olympic Solidarity’s only income.

For information on the history and purpose of Olympic Solidarity refer to the Olympic Solidarity Commission

Olympic Solidarity Programmes are established on a quadrennial basis and administered by the Olympic Solidarity Commission.

2017 – 2020 Quadrennial

Funding from Olympic Solidarity for the 2017-2020 Quadrennial amounts to a total USD 509,285,000 and corresponds to the share of the broadcast rights from the Olympic Games (Rio 2016 and PyeongChang 2018).  This in turn is distributed to National Olympic Committees throughout the world. This sum represents an increase of 16 per cent in comparison with the 2013-2016 Quadrennial Plan, whose budget amounted to USD 439,870,000.

Olympic Solidarity Programmes

During the 2017 - 2020 quadrennial, all National Olympic Committees have access Olympic Solidarity financial and technical assistance through:

1.       Continental Programmes
The Continental Programmes offer National Olympic Committees extensive support at all stages in their planning, organisation, coordination, follow up and supervision of the Programmes undertaken in their respective zones. The most popular of these are the National Activities Programme that provide our National Federations the ability to carry out coaching, athlete and official programmes throughout New Zealand.

2.       Olympic Games Subsidies
The Olympic Games Subsidies programme is intended to help National Olympic Committees to participate in the Summer and Winter Olympic games. The financial assistance provided has two quite different yet complementary objectives:

  • to help foster the universal spirit of the Olympic Games by guaranteeing the participation of all National Olympic Committees; and
  • to give additional support to National Olympic Committees, which contribute partly to the development and success of the Games.

3.       Complementary Programmes

The Complementary Programmes extend the assistance offered by Olympic Solidarity in the framework of targeted projects.

4.       World Programmes
For the 2017-2020 quadrennial plan, Olympic Solidarity is offering a number of world programmes.  Their main aim is to increase global assistance to the athletes, to optimise the management of National Olympic Committees and to simplify administrative procedures, in order to adapt to the National Olympic Committees’ requirements and needs. They are split into five separate sections considered essential for the National Olympic Committees to accomplish the mission entrusted to them by the Olympic Charter:


  • Olympic Scholarships for Athletes
  • Team support grants
  • Continental Athlete Support Grant
  • Youth Olympic Games Athlete Support
  • Athlete Career transition
  • Refugee Athlete Support
  • IOC Subsidies for participation in Olympic Games


  • Technical Courses for Coaches
  • Olympic Scholarships for Coaches
  • Development of National Sports Structure

NOC Management

  • National Olympic Committee’s Administration Development
  • National Courses for Sports Administrators
  • International Executive Courses in Sport Management

Promotion of Olympic Values

  • Sports Medicine and Protection of Clean Athletes
  • Sustainability in Sport
  • Gender Equality and Diversity
  • Sport for Social Development
  • Olympic Education, Culture and Legacy

Forums and Special Projects

  • Forums and Workshops
  • Special Projects

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