Sand underfoot and a bit between the teeth, Beach Volleyball teams will battle it out in a display of raw talent and pure power.

Exciting to watch, the men and women will  give everything they’ve got to topple opponents as they rise through these wildly competitive tournaments.

Teams of two will go head to head on the sand beginning each rally by serving the ball over the net which will see the ball hit a maximum of three times on one side before being directed back across the net.  This back and forth across the net continues until one team wins the rally.  Teams win a rally if the opponent fails to return the ball, commits a fault, or if the ball lands in the opponent’s court. The team who wins the rally wins a point and will serve next.

Matches are a best of three sets with the first two sets played to 21 points and the third set (If necessary) played to 15 points.  A set is won by the first team to reach 21 points (or 15 points) with at least a two-point advantage. In the event that the score is 20-20 (or 15-15), play continues until a team earns a two-point advantage with no limit on the final score of a set.

Previous Commonwealth Games Appearances

Beach volleyball made its Commonwealth Games debut at Gold Coast 2018.

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Beach Volleyball Games History