23rd June 2020

Today, Olympic Day, we strengthen our commitment to the New Zealand Team.

Our diversity is our power. Our past and our future. All people. Many sports. One team.

From Tuesday 23 June, our handles are changing from @nzolympics to @TheNZTeam

The @TheNZTeam represents our Summer Olympic, Winter Olympic, Commonwealth and Youth Games and pre elite Games teams, uniting us all under one banner.

We are The New Zealand Team.

You’ll see now our new handle across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok.

What unites us is the silver fern.

The fern has been with us since ancient times.
When night was no obstacle to our warriors.
They looked to the silver fern to find a path.
The shimmering underside reflecting moonlight, lighting the way
And defying the dark.
Today, we too, are guided by the fern, the one we have worn for 100 years.
We carve the path that’s true to ourselves. We embrace the fear and we know nothing great comes without risk.
We are pathfinders and we defy expectations.
Our diversity is our power.
Our past and our future. All people. Many sports. One team.
We come together, into te Whare o Pou Tangata.
And when we compete, we bring everything.
We honour our land and people, and respect our opposition. Always.
But our spirit is unrestrained.
We let our love for sport show.
We take the blows, absorb the setbacks, and get back up again.
We are grounded in manaaki, we hold our values true.
And the fern, as always, leads the way.
Because when we unite, we shine.
Ko Tatau Te Kapa O Aotearoa
We Are The New Zealand Team

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