Tiarn Collins (Queenstown, 22) has finished in 18th place at the men’s snowboard slopestyle qualifiers at Genting Snow Park in Zhangjiakou today.

Collins landed a solid first run, but a couple of small bobbles hurt his score in the hugely competitive field.

Collins dropped into his second and final run, giving it everything he had, but unfortunately, he crashed on the first jump.

“The first run was just a little messy, second run knew I had to clean it up and it was looking good until that first jump, I just went a bit too big and couldn’t quite hold it together.” Collins explained.

He did however have the top score for run one on the first feature, lacing a cab 180 on with a 360 out of the transfer rail.

The top 12 men advance through to the finals, so this spells the end of the slopestyle competition for Collins. He will now turn his focus to the snowboard Big Air to be held next week in Beijing.

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