Q. What does it mean to you to be heading to your first Olympic Games?

  1. Margaux Hackett: Oh, it feels amazing. I'm real privileged to be representing Aotearoa and just very happy that I was invited, you know, just here.

A.J. Hackett: You know, it was a very emotional special time that any parent, you know, I just look forward to seeing these children grow. OK, going out onto the world stage, it's pretty amazing. You know, she's an amazing young lady.

Q. Has your dad inspired you?

  1. Margaux Hackett: Yeah, definitely. He’s pretty inspirational and I am really lucky to have him here. He has supported me since day one so pretty cool to have him here for this announcement.

Q. Did you think Margaux would qualify for the Olympic Games?

A.J. Hackett: Well, she's got two big brothers and it's a big advantage, so she has been brought up pretty tough. However, she was brought up to understand how to manage fear and when to caution moments. She’s a persistent little thing and she gets out when she's down and pushes on. She’s got an incredible future and she's will be a good leader for New Zealand girls.

Q. Tell us about your family. You're all just adrenaline junkies, is it something in your blood?

A.J. Hackett: I think it's in our blood and kiwi’s actually. It’s an amazing crew here at the moment with a whole lot of athletes coming through. I think as kiwi's we like to punch above our weight, and when we do, we do really well.

Q. How are you feeling about Beijing 2022?

  1. Margaux Hackett: I am looking forward to it. I think it'll be a good time and I am looking forward to going with everyone that has been named today. Hopefully, we'll have more Kiwis joining us soon to the team.
Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games Margaux Hackett
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