Q. Congratulations on being selected to your second Olympic Games. What does this moment mean to you?

A. Yeah, obviously it is a huge honour to represent New Zealand and be selected for my second Olympics, at just 19. I am super excited and it's awesome being named alongside these four other great athletes. I feel really and happy and feel like we have a great squad heading to Beijing.

What are you hoping to achieve at Beijing? How are you feeling about it?

A. Yeah, obviously I'm hoping to get top results and see my hard work really pay off. So it's a process and I am trying to prepare and check off everything that I can do to be in the best possible position for when I get there.

Tell us about Alpine skiing. Why do you love it? How fast do you go when you're skiing down the hill?

A. I absolutely love alpine skiing. I love going fast. I love racing. I love doing it and I think the fastest I have gone down a mountain is about 130 km/h. It's a pretty surreal and epic feeing when you are throwing yourself down these icy hills at those kind of speeds, it’s something you can’t get anywhere else. So, it’s pretty unique and very special.

Have you had any gnarly wipe-outs?

A. I have had a couple of gnarly wipe-outs but nothing that's resulted in serious consequences as of yet. We're always trying to avoid that from happening but there is always a possibility.

How scary is it when you're going down a hill on ice?

A. I think there's definitely certain aspects of fear. However, I try to not focus on the fear aspect because as soon as you let the fear get into your head you're done for it. You can't think about consequences. You can only think about just trying to go as fast as you can go. I don't really think about what would happen when I crash. I just think about what would happen when I get to the bottom of the hill.

Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games Alice Robinson
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