New Zealand swim fans were pleased to hear that gold medallist Sophie Pascoe was back to feeling her best today.

Pascoe pushed herself hard last night in winning the women’s SM10 200m individual medley and took some time to recover.

However, she said today she’d had another training session and felt fine.

“I’ve recovered well from a hard race last night,” she said. “I was just exhausted and full of lactic acid.

“It just all hit me at once when I finished the race and had a poolside interview. Once I got some sugar back into me I bounced back alright.”

It was a low-key morning session for New Zealanders at the pool.

All three New Zealanders in the women’s 100m freestyle qualified for the semi-finals, though all were well back in the field. Carina Doyle swam 56.27s for 13th position, Laticia Transom was 14th with 56.32s, and Georgia Marris was 15th with 56.98s.

Celyn Edwards swam 2min 40.28s to qualify fourth for the men’s SM8 200m individual medley final and needs an improvement of about 2½ seconds to get among the medals.

Bronagh Ryan just missed a place in the women’s 100m breaststroke semi-finals. Her 1min 10.78s placed her 17th and she is first reserve for the semis.

Bobbi Gichard finished 13th overall in the women’s 200m backstroke after swimming 2min 17.88s today.

Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Carina Doyle Celyn Edwards Laticia Transom Dame Sophie Pascoe Bobbi Gichard Georgia Marris
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