We kicked off day number 8 here in Lillehammer with the Snowboard Slopestyle, first rider of the day Rakai Tait. Tait laid down a smooth top rail section, followed by two clean airs, needing a smooth exit from his front 360 off the cannon rail, he battled the slow snow conditions, coming up short on his front seven on the final jump.

Tiarn Collins rode his way into an impressive forth place. With his family watching wrapped in kiwi flags Collins layer down a solid run with a backside 900, wildcat off the cannon and carried his speed into a frontside 1080 on the final jump, impressing the judges.


Coming in as the top seed today to the Slopestyle, Jackson Wells pushed hard to lay down the run he was after. Looking to stomp  his run including a double cork 900, and switch double cork 1080, Wells struggled to make it flawless earning himself 6th spot.

Finn Billous found himself in with a shot after a solid first run, the 16 year old backed up his silver halfpipe medal with a well earned bronze in today's Slopestyle. His run included top rail section both ways 270s, back cork 630 blunt off the cannon, and a solid right double cork 1080 to claim his bronze medal spot.


Mixed doubles kicked off in Lillehammer, with each NZ player teamed up with a seeded player from another country. Courtney smith teamed with a Swiss player were defeated by Norway / Korea 10-4. Matt Neilson and Russian teammate faced Korea / Turkey coming up short 11-4, Ben Smith and USA teammate faced Korea / Sweden getting off to a slow start 8-1. Last opportunity for a NZ medal for these games lies with Holly Thompson and her well ranked Canadian teammate.


Men's alpine skier Jackson Rich improved on his start position , skiing into 38th place first run of today's slalom. In the second run Rich was caught out by challenging terrain and course set unfortunately missing a gate bringing to a close Richs youth Olympic Games.

Lillehammer 2016 Olympic Winter Youth Games
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