High-jumper Hamish Kerr has come back down to earth and is focussed on his next goal after breaking the national record.

The 24-year-old jumped 2.31m at the Capital Classic in Wellington in February, breaking the national record which had stood for more than 20-years.

“I’ve pretty much committed to athletics fulltime for the last three years and ever since doing that getting the national record has been one of my big goals,” said Kerr.

“I was stoked, given the nature of the competition I was focussed on getting the next height but after the comp I was over the moon and took about a week to come down.”

The next goal on Kerr’s list is the Olympic qualification mark of 2.33m.

“This season’s gone so well and my momentum has been growing and growing so I’m confident that given a more comps I’ll definitely clear it.”

The Christchurch based jumper says Tokyo has become a big goal.

“I had just been enjoying my progress and jumping and exploring new things but the closer we get to the Games the more I realise how special it would be getting to wear the silver fern at that competition, so I’d be pretty hyped to get there.”

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Summer Games
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