The New Zealand Team has continued to train throughout our nations alert levels. Photographers from Getty Images have captured their unique training environments. For the full article, visit

Images of Isolation, Gemma McCaw

“There’s just so much work that goes into it. I just look at my family and how much they have allowed me to do this, I’ll be forever grateful.” 

Image of Isolation, David Liti

“The first day we set up outside some of the kids from down the road came down and they were sitting on their bikes just watching for like 30 minutes. Now a lot of people walking past will stop and watch. It’s pretty funny.” 

Images of Isolation, rowers and flatmates Lucy Spoors, Phoebe Spoors, Brook Robertson and Olivia Loe

“I don’t think any of us have ever spent this much time on an erg in our lives.” 

“We’re still doing fulltime training, so we’re training twice a day, and sometimes three times a day when we have a weights session.” 

Trampoline athlete Dylan Schmidt has been training in his backyard under New Zealand’s lockdown alert levels.

“It is kind of cool jumping up and seeing the whole neighbourhood. It’s quite freeing in a way,”  

Images of Isolation, David Nyika

“I’ve actually been really enjoying the change of pace,” says Nyika. 

“I think it is just the quality of time. We’ve been able to slow things right down as opposed to stressing about daily life.” 

Images of Isolation, Angie Petty

“It’s great spending so much time outside in the fresh air. I’m really enjoying training in the back yard, it’s a bit of a novelty!” 

Images of Isolation, Tori Peeters

“I’ve been in lockdown on my boyfriend’s farm so I’ve turned one of the garages into my own personal gym. I’ve been doing some standing throws with the javelin but nothing too full on, I’m missing it now and can’t wait to get back on the track!”  

Images of Isolation, Annalie Longo

“One of the reasons I chose football was because it is a team sport and you get to go to training and hang out with your mates every day, so lockdown has been an unusual challenge, it is almost like going back to being in an individual sport” 

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