Hamilton boxer David Nyika has been waiting a long time to get to the Olympic Games and now will have to wait just a little bit longer.

The two-time Commonwealth Games gold medallist earned a quota spot for Tokyo 2020 just weeks before it was announced that the Games will be delayed until 2021.

“Obviously, it is challenging. I think it is challenging for everyone who was looking to make an appearance at the Olympics, especially their first appearance,” Nyika said.

“However, it’s what’s best right now; we have to put people’s safety first.”

The Olympic Games have long been a goal for the heavyweight fighter who missed out on qualifying for the Rio 2016 Games.

This time round Nyika was in solid form at the Olympic Games qualifying tournament in Jordan. He won two fights and was narrowly defeated in the final, earning him a quota spot for the Games.

David Nyika Landscape

He says while the delay isn’t ideal, he’s happy to roll with the punches.

“Things aren’t ever going to be perfect.”

“The current situation I see as character building. Every athlete faces adversity and this is one of those times in which we are challenged.”

“I always use situations like this as fuel to my fire.”

The 24-year-old believes the IOC is making the right decision with the health and safety of athletes taking priority.

“The current climate coincides with the spirit of the Games, people banding together; one strong unit.

“It’s awesome to see how each country deals with this adversity and unite to prioritise the safety of individuals.”

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