The NZOC has teamed up with Airbnb to offer funded accommodation opportunities for athletes and teams preparing for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Any athlete working towards qualification for Paris 2024 is able to apply for the complimentary stays. The accommodation can be either domestic or international and must be used for competitions/training to help the athlete/s prepare for the games. NSOs are also able to apply.

Expressions of Interest will be accepted on an ongoing basis with the first deadline for consideration on Friday 24 March 2023.

Follow this link to register: Airbnb Pilot Programme Expression of Interest

A requirement of the stays is that the recipient/s must create content that promotes Airbnb’s support of the IOC, Olympic Games and its athletes. The content may be posted on NZOC and Airbnb social media channels.
This programme:

has no set grant allocations until Expressions of Interest are received

is open to both National Sporting Organisations and individual athletes to apply to be part of the Airbnb Pilot programme

must include consultation and dialogue with NSOs for those individual athlete expressions of interest to ensure suitability for the allocation

requires agreement for the NZOC/Airbnb to use the name, image and likeness of those making use of the allocation for promotion on the New Zealand Team and Airbnb channels i.e. social media channels. Further promotion strictly above the line to be discussed in future if required

accommodation will be booked and administered by the NZOC

Please reach out to the NZOC Commercial team on the following email if you have any questions -

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