It’s an age old issue of whether you should ask a lady her age... well, in keeping with those manners it transpires Sir Mark Todd may not be the oldest in the New Zealand Olympic team after all.

It appears he may have to step aside to allow Olympic débutante Julie Brougham the honour who just edges him by ‘a year or so’.

Toddy – ever the gentleman – is tipping his hat.

“I did quite enjoy being the elder statesman of the team, but am happy to concede,” he said.

Kereyn Smith, CEO of the New Zealand Olympic Team says that women are already looking like the dominant force in the New Zealand Olympic Team.

“Athlete numbers are swaying for the first time towards the women in our team,” she said.

“While Mark may still be our most capped Olympian, it’s great to see a female athlete take over the coveted ‘most senior’ spot. Gender balance is really having a positive impact within our Team.”

Brougham herself admits, "I had tried to keep my age on the down-low, but hey, now I’m an Olympian I may as well embrace it.

"But really, I am the newbie in all of this. Mark has more Olympic experience that would be hard to match. I am very happy to pass the mantle back to him as the one we should all take advice from and aspire to.”

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