We look back at 2014 and 25 of the best pictures of the Sochi Winter Olympic Games, Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and Nanjing Youth Olympic Games - What a year!

1. Gymnast Charlotte Sullivan flies through the air in her beam routine, Glasgow 2014 (c) Getty Images

2. Valerie Adams walks off the track after winning Gold in the Shot put, Glasgow 2014 (c) Getty Images

3. Shelly Gotlieb, Stefi Luxton, Christy Prior and Possum Torr on the Olympic Rings, Sochi 2014 (c) Getty Images 

4. David Nyika feels the emotion of winning Gold in the boxing, Glasgow 2014 (c) Getty images 

5. Fengyang Li looks to be sleeping in mid air during his final dive, Glasgow 2014 (c) Getty Images 

6. Emily Fraser on her way to Gold at the Youth Olympics, Nanjing 2014 (c) Getty images

7. Sam Webster does the golden salute while his opposition looks on, Glasgow 2014 (c) Getty Images 

8. Sarah Cowley gives everything to get over the high jump bar, Glasgow 2014 (c) Getty images

9. Jossi Wells against the blue and white of Sochi, 2014 (c) Getty Images 

10. Sophie Pascoe is overcome with emotion after winning her 2nd gold medal in Glasgow 2014 (c) Getty images 

11. Black Stick Hugo Inglis dives for the ball, Glasgow 2014 (c) Getty Images 

12. Beau-James Wells jumps over a Matryoshka doll, Sochi 2014 (c) Getty Images 

13. Dylan Schmidt jumps for glory, claiming gold on the trampoline, Nanjing 2014 (c) Getty images 

14. An emotional shot full of elation and relief for gold medallist Richie Patterson in the weightlifting, Glasgow 2014 (c) Getty Images

15. Silver Fern Katrina Grant leaps high over Malawi in their opening match, Glasgow 2014 (c) Getty Images 

16. The halfpipe in Sochi, New Zealand's most successful event at the Olympic Winter Games, 2014

17. Joelle King stretches for the ball on her way to a bronze in the squash, Glasgow 2014 (c) Getty Images 

18. Kris Done and the Silver Fern shine during his routine, Glasgow 2014 (c) Getty Images

19. Janina Kuzma flying through the halfpipe to 5th place, Sochi 2014 (c) Getty Images

20. DJ Forbes leapfrogs Ben Lam in the sevens, Glasgow 2014 (c) Getty Images 

21. Paul Coll hovers above the squash court, Glasgow 2014

22. Adrian Leat and his opponent touch the ground with one foot only in the Judo, Glasgow 2014 (c) Getty images 

23. Shelly Gotlieb meets the sun, Sochi 2014

24. Val Smith, Selina Goddard and Amy McIlroy from the New Zealand women's fours team celebrate winning their bronze medal, Glasgow 2014 (c) Getty Images

25. The New Zealand team, Glasgow 2014 (c) Getty Images

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