16-year-old Max won the 2017 current New Zealand mountain bike under-17 title and is currently a member of the Subway National Mountain Bike Performance Hub.

He has enjoyed success as a road cyclist in school and age competitions.

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Max's Games History

  • Olympic Summer Youth Games Buenos Aires 2018

    • Cycling - MTB/Road Combined (Combined Team Event - Men)
      Men's Criterium (Max)
      Men's Cross Country Short Circuit Heat (Max) 17:48
      Men's Cross Country Heats (Max) 1:44:363, Q
      Men's Road Race (Cailen)
      Men's 1/2 Final (Max) 1:54:000
      Men's Cross Country Small Final (Max) 1:44:000
      Men's Cross Country 1/4th Finals (Max) 1:50:000 Q
      Men's Cross Country Short Circuit Heat (Cailen)
      Women's Cross Country 1/8th Finals (Samara)
      Men's Cross Country 1/8th Finals (Max) 1:45:000
      Men's Cross Country Heats (Cailen) 1:56:588
      Men's Road Race (Max)
      Men's Team Time Trial (Combined: Cailen, Max) 10:06.31
      Placed 17 of 20