Age: 17 years old

School: Auckland Grammar School

Ethnicity: NZ/European

Career Highlight: Winning the Winter Games Slopestyle event at my home resort of Cardrona this year and securing a personal World Cup spot.

How did I get into my sport: My mum would take my brothers and I for weekend trips to Mt Ruapehu once or twice a year. I would always get so excited and ski open until close. In 2015, a friend of mine gave me the opportunity to begin training and competing in Wanaka and that began the competitive side of my skiing career.

What do you love about your sport: I love the creativity that can be expressed by each individual in their own way, every run is different and has a unique aspect to it which allows for a very diverse field of competitors. Also, we get to travel to some beautiful places around the world to ski in some incredible places which is an awesome opportunity and always a great time.

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Ben's Games History