Inspire and Motivate your Students

A visit and presentation by an Olympic Ambassador will inspire and motivate your students. Ambassadors tell their Olympic story, and share their sporting, Olympic, and life experiences in a way that students will find engaging and relevant.

Each Ambassador has their own unique sporting story to tell, with their own successes and setbacks, goals and sacrifices, determination and inspiration. These are all things students can closely associate with. The Ambassador’s presentation is a mix of talk and digital media, student questions, and often some activity and games thrown in.

A key part of the Ambassador’s presentation is explaining the importance of the Olympic values of respect, friendship and excellence. Students can see and hear how living these values leads to positive outcomes and rewards in all aspects of their lives.

Other strong messages are around participation, resilience, following your dreams, and trying new things. Ambassadors can link Olympic values to School values to emphasise their importance.

Note that an Ambassador visit and presentation will take about an hour including questions. As such it is really suited to students aged 8 and above. To request an Olympic Ambassador visit to your school please register or login HERE and click on Host An Olympic Ambassador. There is a simple form to fill out.