Join the rest of the world and celebrate Olympic Day with a special Olympic-themed activity with your class or school. Olympic Day is officially June 23rd but can be celebrated a week either side of this.

An Olympic Run is a really simple and inclusive way of celebrating Olympic Day or the Olympic Games. Schools or classes can decide the length of the run according to the age of their students or what facilities are available. You can download Olympic Run Numbers for each student, and also Certificates to reward all the students who took part.

Olympic Day provides an opportunity to focus on the Olympic Values of friendship, respect, and excellence. At assembly you could acknowledge students who have demonstrated these values in their school or personal lives. Certificates for each of the Olympic Values can be downloaded and it may be possible to link these awards to the visit of an Olympic Ambassador who can present them.

You might like to organize a mini-Olympics within your school. This can be for an hour or a morning. We have ideas for this that you can easily follow, and we may be able to help with an Olympian being present? To read more information and use the resources around Olympic Day please register or login HERE.