Tamara is a 17 year old student of Westlake Girls' High School that will represent New Zealand at the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games.

How did you get into your sport? I started playing indoor volleyball in 2015 and my indoor coach Lucielle told me to try beach volleyball. She got me to go to a beach volleyball development programme and at first it was a struggle going from indoor to beach. I started training and playing tournaments in early 2017 and I began to get used to it and have really enjoyed it since then.

What do you love about the sport? I love playing the different variety of shots and I like the intensity of the game.

What inspires you? My friends and family because they give me so much support for what I do and that inspires me to keep going.

Career highlight: Winning the Oceania Youth Olympic Games qualification spot

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Tamara's Games History

  • Olympic Summer Youth Games Buenos Aires 2018

    • Beach Volleyball (Beach Volleyball - Women)
      Round of 24 0-2
      Preliminary Match - Pool G 1-2
      Preliminary Match 1-2
      Preliminary Match - Pool G 2-0
      Placed 17 of 32