Glasgow 2014 was the second Commonwealth Games for Nick after he competed at the 2010 Games in Delhi, where the New Zealand team placed 3rd. He was also a member of the New Zealand Hockey team that competed at the 2012 London Olympic Games where the team placed 9th. Nicks position is defender, his shirt number is 4 and he has 146 test caps.

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Nick's Games History

  • Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014

    • Hockey (Hockey - Men)
      Bronze Medal Match 3-3
      Preliminary MB Match M19 6-1
      Preliminary MB Match M14 2-1
      Preliminary MB Match M06 8-0
      Preliminary MB Match M04 3-1
      Semi-finals 2-3
      Placed 4 of 10
  • Olympic Summer Games London 2012

    • Hockey (Hockey - Men)
      Classification 9-10 Match M31 3 - 1
      Pool MB Match M30 5 - 5
      Pool MB Match M19 1 - 1
      Pool MB Match M14 1 - 5
      Pool MB Match M09 3 - 1
      Pool MB Match M01 0 - 2
      Placed 9 of 12
  • Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010

    • Hockey (Hockey - Men)
      3rd and 4th 5-3
      4th Pool MA vs 4th Pool MB (7th & 8th)
      1st Pool MB vs 2nd Pool MA
      3rd Pool MA vs 3rd Pool MB (5th & 6th)
      1st Pool MA vs 2nd Pool MB 2-6
      5th Pool MA vs 5th Pool MB (9th & 10th)
      Pakistan v India
      Australia v Malaysia
      New Zealand v Canada 1-1
      England v South Africa
      Scotland v India
      Trinidad & Tobago v Canada
      Pakistan v Australia
      New Zealand v England 3-5
      South Africa v Trinidad & Tobago
      India v Australia
      Canada v England
      Pakistan v Malaysia
      New Zealand v South Africa 4-2
      England v Trinidad & Tobago
      Australia v Scotland
      India v Malaysia
      Canada v South Africa
      Pakistan v Scotland
      New Zealand v Trinidad & Tobago 7-1