Niall Williams won a silver medal at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and gold at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games as part of the women's rugby sevens team.

From a touch rugby background, Williams only picked up sevens in 2014 and quickly impressed, debuting for the Black Ferns Sevens only a year later. The mother of two has plenty of pace and strength and excels in defence which has helped her command a regular starting spot.

A key member of the Black Ferns Sevens, Williams was one of four brother-sister combos in at the 2016 Rio Olympics with her brother Sonny Bill suiting up for the All Blacks Sevens.

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Niall's Games History

  • Commonwealth Games Gold Coast 2018

    • Rugby - Sevens (Rugby Sevens - Women)
      Gold Medal Match 17-12
      Semi Final 2 26-5
      Pool A Match 24-7
      Pool A Match 41-0
      Pool A Match 45-0
  • Olympic Summer Games Rio 2016

    • Rugby - Sevens (Rugby Sevens - Women)
      Women's Gold Medal Match 17-24
      Women's Semifinal 2 25-7
      Women's Quarterfinals 5-0
      Women's Pool B - Game 3 26-7
      Women's Pool B - Game 2 31-5
      Women's Pool B - Game 1 52-0