A regular in the Silver Ferns since making her debut as a 21-year-old in 2008, Grant often had to battle for court time during an era when there was an abundance of defensive talent but has gone on to deliver a sterling contribution to netball in New Zealand.

Elevated to the captaincy in 2016, Grant reached a significant personal milestone in 2017 when becoming just the seventh Silver Fern to register 100 international appearances. Now helping guide a new generation of Silver Ferns, Grant has grown with the game, her leadership following suit through an exacting work ethic and a strong belief in the Silver Ferns legacy.

Grant has plied her trade out of Wellington in recent years where her play has continued to blossom. An astute reader of the game on defence, Grant is capable of making her presence felt in an aerial contest as well as the close-marking situation.

She presents all the hallmarks required of an in-circle defender with the ability to switch from a tight marking situation to a hunting role. Ever-alert to intercept opportunities, Grant's reliable hands and quick feet give her a strong presence when turning defence into attack.

The athletic and versatile defender can seamlessly switch between the two in-circle defensive positions as well as cover the wing defence role where her height, speed off the mark and awareness of defending space are valuable assets.

Grant has played for the Silver Ferns at two Netball World Cups (2011, 2015) and is lining up for a third Commonwealth Games in 2018 after also appearing at the event in 2010 and 2014.

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Katrina's Games History

  • Commonwealth Games Gold Coast 2018

    • Netball (Netball - Women)
      Bronze Medal Match 55-60
      Pool Match 60-29
      Semi Final 44-65
      Pool Match 45-54
      Pool Match 53-57
      Pool Match 70-44
      Pool B - NZL vs UGA 64-51
      Placed 4 of 12
  • Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014

    • Netball (Netball - Women)
      Gold Medal Match 40-58
      Pool A Match 14 50-42
      Pool A Match 12 88-19
      Pool A Match 9 78-29
      Pool A Match 6 71-14
      Pool A Match 3 50-47
      Semi-finals 35-34
  • Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010

    • Netball (Netball - Women)
      Final 66-64
      3rd and 4th
      6th Pool B v 6th Pool A
      5th Pool B v 5th Pool A
      4th Pool B v 4th Pool A
      3rd Pool B v 3rd Pool A
      Jamaica v Trinidad
      England v Barbados
      Samoa v Australia
      Australia v Trinidad
      South Africa v Cook Island
      Malawi v Samoa
      Jamaica v India
      England v PNG
      India v Samoa
      Cook Island v PNG
      Trinidad v Malawi
      Barbados v South Africa
      England v Cook Island
      Malawi v Australia
      Samoa v Jamaica
      Barbados v PNG
      Australia v Jamaica
      Trinidad v India
      PNG v South Africa
      Samoa v Trinidad
      Malawi v India
      Cook Island v Barbados
      Australia v India
      Jamaica v Malawi
      South Africa v England
      PNG v New Zealand 102 - 21
      1st Pool B v 2nd Pool A 59-43
      1st Pool A v 2nd Pool B
      New Zealand v Barbados 97-22
      South Africa v New Zealand 70-29
      New Zealand v England 47-41
      New Zealand v Cook Island 87-24