Glasgow was the second Commonwealth Games for Katie, earning two medals from two Games. She helped the team earn bronze in the bronze and fourth placing game against Trinidad and Tobago.

Katie represented New Zealand at the 2010 games in Delhi where the team earned silver. Katie was also a member of the New Zealand team that placed 4th at the 2012 London Olympic Games. Katie is a striker, she currently has 124 test caps and her shirt number is 5.

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Katie's Games History

  • Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014

    • Hockey (Hockey - Women)
      Bronze Medal Match 5-2
      Preliminary WA Match W17 6-0
      Preliminary WA Match W15 2-1
      Preliminary WA Match W10 3-0
      Preliminary WA Match W05 14-0
      Semi-finals 1-1
  • Olympic Summer Games London 2012

    • Hockey (Hockey - Women)
      Bronze Medal Match W37 1 - 3
      Semifinal 1 Match W33 3 - 5
      Pool WB Match W25 0 - 0
      Pool WB Match W23 3 - 2
      Pool WB Match W18 1 - 2
      Pool WB Match W08 4 - 1
      Pool WB Match W01 1 - 0
      Placed 4 of 12
  • Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010

    • Hockey (Hockey - Women)
      Final 2-2 (PS2-4)
      3rd and 4th
      4th Pool WA vs 4th Pool WB (7th & 8th)
      1st Pool WB vs 2nd Pool WA 1-0
      3rd Pool WA vs 3rd Pool WB (5th & 6th)
      1st Pool WA vs 2nd Pool WB
      5th Pool WA vs 5th Pool WB (9th & 10th)
      South Africa v India
      New Zealand v Canada 3-1
      Australia v Scotland
      England v Malaysia
      Malaysia v Scotland
      Wales v Canada
      Trinidad & Tobago v India
      New Zealand v England 4-1
      South Africa v Australia
      Malaysia v Wales
      Scotland v Trinidad & Tobago
      India v Australia
      Canada v England
      South Africa v Scotland
      New Zealand v Malaysia 5-0
      Australia v Trinidad & Tobago
      England v Wales
      India v Scotland
      Canada v Malaysia
      South Africa v Trinidad & Tobago
      New Zealand v Wales 5-1