Erika is a 14-year-old student of Kavanagh College that will be competing in Swimming at the Buenos Aires 2018 Olympic Youth Games.

Career highlight: My career highlight was probably medalling at NZ Opens in the 400 and 200 freestyle.

How did you get into your sport? I started swimming in a learn to swim programme when I was very young and after completing most of the levels I joined the Dunedin squad system and started racing.

What do you love about the sport? I love the competitive side of swimming, being able to race teammates and friends for bragging rights or chocolate is always fun! I love the way I move and feel in water.

What inspires you? I'm inspired by many people but most of all I'm inspired by my coaches and the older members of my team who love the sport as much as I do and are always supportive of each other while at the same time achieving at high levels in this sport.

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Erika's Games History