A larger than normal team was sent to Calgary in 1988 with the inclusion of cross-country skiing and bobsleigh members.

Four skiers who competed at Sarajevo made the team again, Matthias Hubrich, Bruce Grant, Wi Rutene and Rattray. Had it not been for injury, Christine Grant and Marcus Hubrich would also have made it.

Madonna Harris was the cross country skier. Harris would represent her country in cycling at the Summer Olympics in Seoul later that year. Lex Peterson, Owen Pinnell, Rhys Dacre, Peter Henry, Bruce Sandford and Blair Telford made up the bobsleigh team. They were based in Calgary and finished in the top 20, winning the Caribbean Cup, a trophy awarded to the best team from a country not normally recognised for the sport.

Hubrich, Wi Rutene and Rattray all managed top 25 placings in alpine skiing, while Grant was forced to have surgery on a knee on the day he should have been competing in the downhill.

Sports Attended at Calgary 1988

Alpine Skiing4
Cross Country Skiing1

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