Memory of Gold: 2002

"Well starting from the beginning of Games in Manchester 2002… The Opening Ceremony was a once in a lifetime experience, it really makes you feel like you are part of something incredible. Being part of a big team was a new experience for me too, as I got the chance to watch other kiwis take their chances on winning medals and draw from their success.

Having been to an Olympics prior, I learnt to treat the Commonwealth Games as just another event and tried to avoid the hype as to not put too much pressure on myself.

All the Commonwealth countries are very strong at shooting, especially Australia and England - AND of course we were shooting on England’s home soil, on none other than the holy grail of shooting in Bisley, Surrey.

I was very conscious in the pairs event that all I needed to do was hold my end up and make sure my shot was clean. As I was shooting the last 5 of my round I had a feeling we were in a good position so I concentrated on doing my job and I shot a good score to help us get Gold!

When it was over I didn’t believe it, I was still in the zone, I didn’t realise that I was the last to shoot. Everybody else had finished, so they all knew the result. That was pretty awesome because once we finished there was a huge roar that went up and of course I had no idea it was for us, when they told me, it was truly amazing, it was … WOW we really did it!

Hearing the National anthem was incredible, I love our anthem and in shooting we get sick of hearing the Australian one. Wearing the black and white with the Silver Fern on it makes you feel really proud that you are representing New Zealand."