Sam Warriner breaks the mold with regards elite athletes and is something of a late bloomer in the sport. The UK born but now fiercely proud Kiwi emerged on the international scene when in her thirties but quickly established a reputation as one of the toughest and most respected competitors on the World Cup circuit.

Until recently Warriner was still working as a teacher in her home town of Whangarei but has since made the plunge as a full time athlete with the goal of success in Beijing top of the list. 

A strong all round athlete, the key to a good day for Warriner is to be out of the water in touch with the lead group. Her strength favours her in tough and hilly conditions but of late is a danger on any course with a fast 10km run split regularly propelling her to the podium. Look out any other athlete if Warriner is in touch midway through the run, she is as tenacious as they come.

Sam will be attending her second Olympics in Beijing this year. Her first Olympics was in the 2004 Athens Olympics

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