Melbourne will be Craig’s third Commonwealth Games after Kuala Lumpur and Manchester. He won a silver medal in the 50km walk at the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester. Craig has been the dominant race walker in New Zealand for many years and is the New Zealand record holder for the 20km, 30km and 50km disciplines. NZ record holder 20km walk 1:22:20, 30km walk 2:08:47, 50km walk 3:48:04 50km walk race record 1995 IAAF World Championships 22nd 1996 Olympic Games 33rd 1997 IAAF World Championships 13th 1998 Commonwealth Games DNF 1999 IAAF World Championships 7th 2000 Olympic Games 18th 2001 IAAF World Championships DNF 2002 Commonwealth Games 2nd 2003 IAAF World Championships DSQ

Coach:    Self coachedClub:    Hamilton City Hawks

Qualifying Standard:  4:08:00Qualifying Performance:  3.58.59    Telstra Australian Men’s 50km Road Walking Championship, Melbourne, 1 May 2005


2005 World Track & Field Championships  Helsinki DQ2005 World Cup     Nuamburg DQ2004 Olympic Games    Athens  29th 2003 World Track & Field Championships  Paris  DQ2002 Commonwealth Games   Manchester Silver 2000 Olympic Games    Sydney 18th 1999 World Track & Field Championships  Seville  7th 1999 World Cup     Deauville1998 Commonwealth Games   Kuala Lumpur DNF1997 World Track & Field Championships  Athens  13th 1995 World Track & Field Championships  Gothenburg 22nd


2006  20km Walk 2005  3000m Walk2004  3000m Walk, 20km Walk2003  3000m Walk, 10km Walk, 20km Walk, 50km Walk2002  3000m Walk, 20km Walk, 50km Walk2001  3000m Walk, 10km Walk, 20km Walk, 50km Walk2000  3000m Walk, 20km Walk1999  20km Walk, 50km Walk1998  5000m Walk, 20km Walk1997  5000m Walk, 30km Walk, 50km Walk1996  30km Walk, 50km Walk1995  30km Walk, 50km Walk1993  30km Walk1991  Junior Men 3000m Walk, Junior Men 10km Walk


50km Walk 3hrs48min0520km Walk 1hr22mins203km Walk 11:21.50  


50km Walk 3hrs48min05  New Plymouth 200120km Walk 1hr22mins20  Adelaide  19983km Walk 11:21.50  Auckland  1997


Not in World Top 100 in 2005


50km Walk 3hrs58mins39  Melbourne   2005  4hrs06mins48  Athens    2004  3hrs50mins34  Melbourne   2003  3hrs52mins35  Christchurch   2002  3hrs48mins05  New Plymouth  2001  3hrs55mins53  Sydney   2000  3hrs48mins14  Deauville   1999  3hrs52mins07  Naumburg   1998  3hrs52mins42  Hamilton   1997  3hrs51mins14  Napier    1996  4hrs10mins26  Gothenburg   1995








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