The World PROGRAMMES for National Olympic Committees, some of which are undertaken in direct cooperation with the Continental Associations, cover four main areas and include a session to educate participants concerning the Olympic Movement.

1: Athletes

  • Olympic Games NOC preparation programme
  • Olympic Scholarships for athletes
  • Olympic Games team sports support grants
  • Regional and Continental Games NOC preparation programme
  • Youth Development Programme

2: Coaches

  • Technical courses for coaches
  • Olympic Scholarships for coaches
  • Development of national coaching structure

3: NOC Management

  • NOC infrastructure
  • Sports administrators programme
  • High level education for sports administrators
  • NOC management consultancy
  • Regional forums

4: Special Fields

  • Olympic Games participation
  • Sports Health
  • Sport and Environment
  • Women and Sport
  • International Olympic Academy
  • Sport for All
  • Culture and Education
  • NOC Legacy

Continental Programmes As partners, the Continental Associations of NOCs provide extensive support at all stages in the planning, organisation, coordination, follow up and supervision of the PROGRAMMES undertaken in their respective zones. Also, there are five specific Continental PROGRAMMES that complement the World PROGRAMMES:

  • Continental Association Administration
  • Continental Association Meetings
  • Continental Association Activities
  • Continental and Regional Games Organisation
  • NOCs' Activities.

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