For the 2013-2016 quadrennial plan, Olympic Solidarity is offering a number of world programmes.  Their main aim is to increase global assistance to the athletes, to optimise the management of National Olympic Committees and to simplify administrative procedures, in order to adapt to the National Olympic Committees’ requirements and needs. They are split into four separate sections considered essential for the National Olympic Committees to accomplish the mission entrusted to them by the Olympic Charter:


  1. Olympic Games National Olympic Committee preparation
  2. Olympic Scholarships for Athletes
  3. Olympic Games team support grants
  4. Regional and Continental Games National Olympic Committee preparation
  5. Youth development programmes


  1. Technical Courses for Coaches
  2. Olympic Scholarships for Coaches
  3. Development of National Sports Structure


  1. National Olympic Committee’s infrastructure
  2. Sports administrator’s programme
  3. High level education for sports administrators
  4. National Olympic Committee management consultancy
  5. Regional Forums


  1. Sports Medicine
  2. Environment Sustainability in Sport
  3. Women and Sport
  4. Sport for All
  5. Olympic Education, Culture and Legacy