New Zealand prides itself on gender equality. The first country in the world to give women the vote, we recently ranked a creditable fifth out of 120 countries in a study of equality in health, politics, business and education.
When it comes to sport management, we do not rank so well.
The good news is 53% of NZOC member-affiliated sporting organisations meet the 2005 IOC target of 20% representation on their Boards.
However, while more than 90% of all women and girls in New Zealand take part in some form of physical activity, the management and administration of sport is, on the whole, undertaken by men. Most Boards (86%) have less than 50% female representation and 12% of the Boards have no women representation, an encouraging decline from 18% in 2009.
The New Zealand Olympic Committee is looking to change this. A mentoring programme, information and support service has been established by the NZOC to help get more women onto boards and into positions of influence within New Zealand sport.
If you’re interested in moving into a more influential position within sport or simply want to find out what the opportunities could be, please register your interest by contacting the New Zealand Olympic Committee.