New Zealand Olympic Committee, through its Women in Sport Working Group (WIS), undertakes research to quantify the extent to which there is gender balance in leadership and decision-making positions in New Zealand sport.

Latest research from 2011 (Women Sports Leaders featured on cover - Hilary Poole and Raelene Castle)

Research from 2010 (Casey Williams featured on front cover)

Mentoring women for sport governance

Research from 2009 (Sarah Walker featured on front cover)

Research from 2008 (Valerie Adams featured on front cover) 

Research Summary 2007. (Sarah Ulmer featured on front cover)

If you are interested in more detail click here for the Full Research Document.

Preparing women to compete in sports management - research by Dr Sarah Leberman.

The paper Preparing female sport management students for leadership roles in sport by Professor Sarah Leberman and Dr Sally Shaw can be downloaded from:

Women Governors Mentoring – New Zealand Olympic Committee Review Report February 2011In 2009 some research on mentoring for women in the sport sector was undertaken and the New Zealand Olympic Committee’s Women in Sport Advisory Group established a trial mentoring programme. The programme has been a positive opportunity to trail a range of ways of mentoring women aspiring to be in governance roles. The programme ran over six months and has given some significant benefit for some of the women in the programme. Please read the report for more detail on the report and it’s outcomes. Click here to download the report.

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