Administration and Funding

Promoting Olympism by developing sport and its educational aspects.

Olympism and Olympic Solidarity

Olympic Solidarity is a division of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) that assists National Olympic Committees (NOCs) and their Continental Associations to promote Olympism through specific PROGRAMMES that contribute to the development of sport and its educational aspects for the purpose of pursuing the Goal of the Olympic Movement.

Olympic Solidarity, whose origins date back to 1961, manifests Olympism of which the basic notions are generosity, understanding and international cooperation, cultural exchanges, the development of sport and its educational aspects and the promotion of a society concerned with human dignity and peace.

Aim and Objectives

Olympic Solidarity has specific objectives as written in the Olympic Charter which includes the following definition:

The aim of Olympic Solidarity is to organise aid to NOCs recognised by the IOC, in particular those which have the greatest need of it. This aid takes the form of PROGRAMMES elaborated jointly by the IOC and the NOCs, with the technical assistance of the International Federations, if necessary.

The Objectives of the Programmes Adopted by Olympic Solidarity are to contribute to:

  1. promoting the fundamental principles of the Olympic Movement.
  2. developing the technical sports knowledge of athletes and coaches. 
  3. improving through scholarships, the technical level of athletes and coaches.
  4. training sports administrators.
  5. colaborating with the various IOC commissions as well as with the organisations and entities pursuing such objectives, partiularly through Olympic education and the propagation of sport.
  6. creating, where needed, simple, functional and economical sports facilities in cooperation with national and international bodies.
  7. supporting the organisation of competitions at national, regional and continental level under the authority or patronage of the NOCs.
  8. encouraging joint bilateral or multilateral cooperation programmes among NOCs.
  9. urging governments and international organisations to include sport in Official Development Assistance.

Administration and Funding

The PROGRAMMES, established on a quadrennial basis, are administered by the Olympic Solidarity Commission which meets annually and is chaired by the President of the IOC.

Funding for Olympic Solidarity and its PROGRAMMES is derived from the NOCs' share of the television rights for the broadcast of the Games of the Olympiad and the Olympic Winter Games. This share has always been Olympic Solidarity's only income.

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