Main Objectives of Olympic Solidarity

Olympic Solidarity is a division of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) that assists National Olympic Committees, such as the New Zealand Olympic Committee, and their Continental Associations to: 

- Increase global assistance to athletes including consideration for the athlete’s entourage and post sport career.

- Reinforce NOCs’ structure and management capacities

- Continue to support coach education and promote the Olympic values.

Olympic Solidarity, whose origin’s date back to 1961, manifests Olympism of which the basic notions are generosity, understanding and international cooperation, cultural exchanges, the development of sport and its educational aspects and the promotion of a society concerned with human dignity and peace.

Olympic Solidarity Programmes are established on a quadrennial basis and administered by the Olympic Solidarity Commission.

Funding for the Olympic Solidarity Programmes is derived from the National Olympic Committee’s share of the television rights for the broadcast of the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. This is Olympic Solidarity’s only income.

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