The New Zealand Olympic Committee promotes the Olympic values of friendship, respect and excellence through a wide variety of community programmes developed by the IOC.  They include:

  • Gender Equity Programme  Advocates equal opportunities for men and women through sport by encouraging women to have roles at all levels and in all structures especially in the executive bodies of national sports-related organisations.
  • Culture and Arts Programme  Promotes culture and arts in sport and Olympism, and establishes cultural programmes related to the Olympic Movement.
  • Sport for all Programme  Supports the right of all people to play sport that suits their needs by contributing to the promotion of sports programmes and competitions at all levels. Click here to read about the Olympic Day Run.
  • Environment Programme  Shows concern for environmental issues and reflects this concern in all of its activities and seeks to educate all those connected with the Olympic Movement in the importance of sustainable development.
  • United Nations Programme  Places sport at the service of humanity by implementing in each country, the Cooperation Agreements between the IOC (International Olympic Committee) and UN (United Nations) agencies. It also promotes the observance of the Olympic Truce declared by the UN General Assembly.

  • Ethics Programme  Fosters ethics through sport by promoting fair play, ensuring the Olympic Movement Anti-Doping Code is observed and taking measures against putting athletes’ health at risk. Encourages sports organisations to provide fro the social and professional future of athletes, and opposes any form of discrimination or violence in sport, and political or commercial abuse of athletes and sport.  
  • Sports Health and Science Encourages education for health and science in sport, and takes measures against putting athletes' health at risk.  
  • Olympian Voices and Olympic Aid Olympic athletes chose by their National Olympic Committee (NOC) to promote Olympic Programmes in their countries are known as Olympian Voices. Through the Olympic Movement, these athletes voluntarily help the NOC to promote important issues such as environmental protection, advancement of women, sport and health for all, human development and humanitarian causes, particularly in cooperation with the agencies in the United Nations system. Olympic Aid is an athlete-driven charitable organisation that raises funds and awareness to assist the world’s disadvantaged children. It believes that all children should have the right to play, to good health and to education.  
  • IOC Annual Trophies The International Olymipic Committee (IOC) Annual trophy was established by the IOC in 1985 in order to promote the teaching of Olympism.

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