(1) The Sports Committee will rank applications on the ability for proposed initiatives to impact positively on a sport’s development and which are not able to be covered by funds from other sources.  The NZOC will consult with SPARC as part of this process.

(2) Priority consideration will be given to programmes aligned with             - Coaching and relevant management skills             - Officials development             - Athlete preparation (pinnacle events a priority)             - Youth development and Talent ID

(3) Proposals should be an identified part of an existing longer term plan for the sport (rather than a one off). Evidence of this will be required.

(4) An element of user pay from the NSO, or its athletes / officials is desirable

(5) All applications must come through NSOs, and funding will be distributed to NSOs (and not athletes directly).

(6) NSOs who have been declined funding will be provided with an explanation of why that is the case.

(7)  The Sports Committee reserves the right to support deserving applications that fall outside of this policy criteria.

(8)  The Sports Committee reserves the right to initiate applications with NSOs where we believe it is appropriate to do so.