New Zealand Olympic Order Established in 1991, replacing Life Membership.

Leonard A Cuff Medal Established in 2000 by the Olympic Academy.

Lonsdale Cup In 1911 a Festival of Empire meeting to celebrate the Accession of George V was held in London between Canada, the United Kingdom and Australasia. The original cup, donated by Lord Lonsdale, was won by Canada, by whom it was subsequently given to the British Empire Games Federation.

IOC Annual Trophy Established by the IOC in 1985 in order to promote the teaching of Olympism. Every year the IOC Executive Board selects a different theme. The selection of the recipient and the awarding of the trophy is entrusted to the National Olympic Comittee.

Sir Lance Cross Memorial Cup Established in 1993 to commemorate the memory of Sir Cecil Lancelot Stewart Cross (1912-1989), 8th IOC member in New Zealand (1969-1987) and a member of the IOC Executive Board (1978-1982). Sir Lance was appointed to various media related Commissions within the IOC, and also served as Chairman and President of the New Zealand Olympic Committee.

Robert Swan Aitchison Memorial Trophy The solid silver "Monteith" bowl was the King's Archery Prize won in 1912 by Dr Robert Swan Aitchison as a member of the King's Bodyguard of Royal Scottish Archers. It was donated to the NZOC in 1993 by his grand-daughter, Nerina J Aitchison-Windeler of Cambridge, New Zealand. The Trophy remains at the Olympic Museum in Wellington.

Kodak Media Photography Award Established in 1995 by Kodak New Zealand Limited. The original award, a vintage Kodak camera mounted in a special case, remains at the Olympic Museum in Wellington.

Discontinued Prizes, Trophies & Medals Gold Trophy, Life Membership