Double Bronze for NZ Youth

22 August 2014

It was a double medal day for the New Zealand team at the Youth Olympic Games, beginning with a bronze for New Zealand and Australia in the Mixed Team International Triathlon and closing with a bro

Fa'amausili on Podium in Backstroke Sprint

22 August 2014

New Zealand flagbearer Gabrielle Fa’amausili followed her fellow 14-year-old teammate Bobbi Gichard on to the podium at the Youth Olympic Games in China today.

Bronze for Oceania Mixed Team Triathlon

21 August 2014

The New Zealand and Australian Triathlon Mixed Team took home bronze today, with Elizabeth Stannard, 17, Palmerston North, and Daniel Hoy, 16, Auckland, joining Australian women’s gold medallist Br

NZ Youth Athletes put Medals on the Radar

21 August 2014

Our sailors caught the wind today and used it to place a bid for the medal races, the 50 metre backstroke swimmers qualified through to the final and the men’s basketball team took two from two in

Records Fall on Day Three

20 August 2014

The third day of competition was a brilliant display of consistency and strength for a number of our athletes.

Two Medals for NZ on Day 2

19 August 2014

Two medals were the highlights of day two of competition in Nanjing.

Gichard Wins Bronze

19 August 2014

Fourteen year old Bobbi Gichard, the youngest swimmer in the field, was a blink away from victory at the Youth Olympic Games in China today.

Patterson and McTaggart: Coach and Pupil

18 August 2014

It has been a whirlwind few weeks for New Zealand's weightlifting coach Richie Patterson on the road to the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games.

Hoy Takes Silver

18 August 2014

Kiwi triathlete Daniel Hoy took silver in the men's sprint triathlon today, bringing home New Zealand's first medal.

The NZ Club Opens in Nanjing

18 August 2014

The NZ Club has opened its doors to family, friends and supporters of the NZ Youth Olympic Games team with a function being held at the Nutria Dairy function centre in Nanjing.

Day One of Competition for YOG Athletes

18 August 2014

It was a strong first day's showing for our kiwi athletes in Nanjing, with 100m backstroke swimmer Bobbi Gichard earning a spot in the final, men's hockey winning 8-2 in the pool game against Zambia and the beach volleyball duo taking down Congo.