Background- Established in 1991, replacing Life Membership

Award- Pin and Diploma. Awarded- As appropriate at the General Assembly.

Jury- Elected by the General Assembly on the recommendation of the Executive Board. Criteria - An award of merit recognising outstanding service by an individual or  organisation to the Olympic Movement.


1991      Harold I Austad, George Craig, H Roy Dutton, Norman Robinson, Hong Tse,  Brian Bremner, Billie Fitzsimmons, Sir Murray Halberg, Donald D Rowlands

1993      Jack Prestney

1994      Hal Wagstaff

1997      Ian Boyd, Barbara Howe

1999      Bernie Fraser

2000      Sir David Beattie, Michael Hooper

2001      Tony Popplewell

2005      Bruce Cameron

2006      Sir Tay Wilson

2008      Susie Simcock

2009      Sir Eion Edgar

2010      Dr David Gerrard

2011      Ralph Roberts