The Environment Programme shows concern for environmental issues and reflects this concern in all of its activities and seeks to educate all those connected to the Olympic Movement in the importance of sustainable development.

Introduction The IOC has made the Environment the third pillar of Olympism, after sport and culture, and has now produced its own Agenda 21 Sport for Sustainable Development.  Click here for full Agenda 21 document .

The IOC programme is based on three objectives:

  1. Conservation and Management of Resources
  2. Improving Socio-Economic Conditions. Priority is given to sports activities in under privileged societies, and improving mental and physical wellbeing of children through access to sport.
  3. Combating Exclusion of sport for everyone.

1999 Conference in Rio de Janeiro - "Give the Planet a Sporting Chance" The Olympic Programme Manager attended this conference which confirmed the IOC Agenda 21 and outlined practical ways to link sport and the environment.

2001 IOC Environment Conference It is important that the NZOC sends a representative to this conference to continue to develop relevant programmes and gain links with other NOCs working on environmental projects. Dr Jo Rosier, Massey University, who has assisted with this programme has indicated her university may provide funding for her to attend with an NZOC representative.

Outline of Programmes to Date:

1. Environment Brochure & Poster : Both the brochure and poster featured Annelise Coberger, the Olympian Voice for the Environment.

2. The brochure: Sport & the Environment, outlines the environmental responsibilities of sports organisations and gives information on what each organisation could do to show environmental responsibility. (Appendix 2)

3. Action Sheets To add emphasis to the points made in the brochure, each point is being built into an Action Sheet. Two Action Sheets were produced in 2000 to cover Transport to Venues and Waste Management. These were sent out to National Sports Federations and Regional Sports Trusts. Another two Action sheets will be produced in 2001. (Refer Appendix 2 for an example Action Sheet).

4. World Environment Day 5th June Sports organisations are encouraged to have a clean-up day to recognise World Environment Day.

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