Gold Trophy

Background  - Established in 1991 for the New Zealand Olympic Team Trust. A Gold Trophy remains at the Olympic Museum in Wellington.

Award - A trophy depicting a three-dimensional perspective of the NZOC’s Olympic Emblem on which the recipient’s name was  engraved. Awarded -  As and where appropriate.

Jury - New Zealand Olympic Committee Criteria - Awarded to companies and organisations to commemorate their financial support for the New Zealand Olympic Team Trust Fund established to assist the NZOC’s Team to participate in the Games of the 25th Olympiad at Barcelona in 1992.



New Zealand Post Ltd, ANZ Banking Group Ltd


Time Magazine Ltd (NZ)

Life Membership

Background  - Established in 1932 and replaced by the New Zealand Olympic Order in 1991.

Award - In 1932, Honorary Membership Medals were presented to sixteen Committee members who were elected to such in 1931. In 1935, fourteen subsequently became Life Members and are identified below. Two other Honorary Members, Messrs Duncan R Menzies, and Edgar M Wylie were not elected to Life Membership. Since 1964 recipients received a Gold Life Membership Badge. Awarded - As appropriate at the General Assembly.

Jury - Elected by the General Assembly on the recommendation of the Executive Board. Criteria - Awarded for outstanding service to the Olympic Movement in New Zealand.



Count Henri de Baillet Latour (3rd IOC President)

1935 Arthur D Bayfeild, Harry Amos, J M A Ilott, R St J Beere, W A Fuller, Thomas Coltman, A E Wells, Geo H Scott, R W McVilly, D J McGowan, Frank Campbell, A W Press, W D Duncan, B L Hammond 1937

C G Camp


H I Austad


J L Squire


P N Robinson


Sir Lance Cross


George Craig


R Dutton, H Tse


B Bremner